St. Leonard's Church

A family, together in faith with God our Father

The future

For most people the joy of St Leonard’s lies in 800 years of history, the prayer and peace offered by countless generations in a sacred space.

But we also want St. Leonard's to sustain a vibrant future, where people come to praise God and share their faith, and enjoy our social and festive programmes. It will also continue to be a place where people can come to know God and discover more about themselves - a living, breathing church that offers us spiritual comfort, cleansing and renewal.

The churches of Hertford enjoy a close association, and the strong network of church communities across the town increase the potential for use in a wide variety of opportunities that can be hosted at St. Leonard’s. As an ancient place of worship St. Leonard’s transcends the traditions that divide Christian groups. St. Leonard’s offers us a place for ecumenical meeting, worship and discussion to explore the roots we share, sown in common ground.

The Friends of St. Leonard’s believe it to be a building to be proud of. But more than that, we want to see it cherished by many more people than ourselves.

We are working to balance the needs of the past with the needs of the future.

We intend to broaden a range of complementary worship styles and church activities through our open season.

We want to see St. Leonard’s alive with people who will come and delight in it. Far more than a tourist’s ‘hidden gem’, St. Leonard’s deserves to be discovered, and shine.

To do that, we have to be able to offer facilities in the church that aren’t available now, and those facilities have to take into account the requirements of current and prospective users who want to come and take part in our activities. We are hoping to build toilet facilities at the church, and we are delighted that we have been granted planning permission. The fund raising now begins in earnest.

If our dreams for St. Leonard’s are to become reality then it’s essential that we preserve the past, but also build for the future.

Will you help us?