The Living Classroom: Learning at St. Leonard’s

Primary Schools in Hertfordshire… would you like help to make your local History or RE project come alive?
Bring your class for a FREE visit to St. Leonard’s Church, Bengeo, dating from 1120AD and the oldest building in Hertford.

Our ‘Living Classroom’ team led by qualified teachers, helps schools to cover the curriculum for primary education in imaginative ways, offering tours, activities and workshops for KS1 and KS2: an active learning experience designed to encourage pupils to ask questions.

A hands-on learning exeperience

Life in Anglo-Saxon times… Stories of Bengeo… Building a medieval church… Christian festivals, signs and symbols …all can be brought alive here.

Accessible for All

St. Leonard’s is accessible to wheelchair users and has accessible toilets. We can provide sessions for children with Special Educational Needs, with quiet days set aside for learners who would prefer them.

Prices and Picnics

All sessions are provided free of charge. We can even cover transport costs – please just ask. Children can eat picnics in the church and around the church grounds.

Contact Us

Have a question? We’d be delighted to help.
For further information or to enquire about booking a visit
please contact Kaaren Holmes at or 01992 413691